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  • What is Golden Ticket? Are their prices cheaper than others like Ticketmaster?
    Golden Ticket is a search engine that works just like the others and locates tickets for events at competitive prices. Often have a larger selection of seats than the other vendors. When comparing prices, click all the way through to the fees. Sometimes Golden Ticket quotes look more expensive initially, but other vendors charge much higher fees. Compare the final price after fees and the availability of seats. You'll find that we are the best choice for tickets.
  • How much will using a travel agent cost me?
    Nothing. Travel agent commissions are already built in to the vendor's prices, whether you book direct or through an agent.
  • Can I just use the internet and book travel myself?
    Yes you can; however, why would you? Using a travel agent: 1. Save time and money. Vendors pay for our services, not you. 2. Less hasstle. You can spend all day researching travel, or we can do that for you. 3. Get the best deals. Sometimes the best deal means the cheapest price. Often it means upgrades and perks. Either way, we have hundreds of resources to get you the biggest bang for your buck. 4. We can help with some of the fine print and red tape. Did you know many hotels offer "non-refundable" rates? Ot that some airlines will refund you, while others will only give you a credit AND charge you a rediculous fee to cancel? Sometimes the cheapest price doesn't meet your needs. 5. Find those little gems. With our extensive travel expereince, vast array of resources, and a network of travelers, we can find that little restaurant or that excursion that you may never find. This is what makes a good vacation an amazing one!
  • Why are there no prices on your website?
    Travel prices change constantly. And each person's needs are different. There are literally thousands of options available. We customize your travel to your individual desires. At times, we will post "Hot Deals" that have sale prices included, but most of these can also be customized to fit your needs.
  • Does it cost anything to get a quote?
    No, there is no fee for our vacation planning services or to quote your travel needs. However, in some cases where there is extensive research involved, we may require an Intent-to-Travel deposit. This deposit is applied 100% to the reservations that you make through us. As you can imagine, there are people that will ask us to do days of research and plan the perfect vacation, only to take that information and use another agent or book directly, or ultimately say, "I was just curious".
  • What if I want to use my travel miles or group discounts? Can you do that?
    Yes, you can book with us and use your travel miles, points, or discounts like AAA, Senior, Government, etc. Just let us know in advance.
  • Can I book a group?
    Yes. This is where a travel agent can really save you time. Let us coordinate your group. We have extensive experience in booking group travel and arranging destination weddings. Often, we can block rooms close together or make sure groups can eat or go on excursions together. Let us take to worry out of group travel and coordinate it for you. Group travel may include weddings, destination weddings, parties, clubs and organizations, conferences, or businesses. We got ya covered.
  • What if I book travel and change my mind?
    Typically we have no control over cancelation policies, and it is up to the vendor. Please read the details of your booking carefully. Some will offer refunds if cancelled by a certain time. Others may offer a credit, or charge a fee for cancellation. Still others are "non-refundable." Ask before you book. We highly recommend travel insurance, especially for non-refundable bookings.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    We highly recommend travel insurance. Like any other insurance, you hope you never need it, but it protects your investment from unforeseen circumstances. You can even buy "Cancel for Any Reason" or an Annual Policy for those that travel frequently.
  • Can I finance my vacation?
    Yes. You can usuallly finance a vacation through one of our thrid party vendors. This can be a great way to spread out the expense, or make that good vacation an amazing one. If you are travelling in the future, you can start paying now. Most travel vendors will also allow you to pay a downpayment on your travel and you can pay it out, as long as you pay the total before the travel.
  • What if I'm just curious what a trip would cost? I don't know what I can afford.
    Let us know up front that you are just seeing what's in your budget. We can do a quick search and get a general idea of what a trip would cost. Often it's cheaper than you think and you'll ask us to book it. For example, you are just wondering, "Can I afford a trip to London?" ABOUT what would it cost?
  • My flight canceled and I had to rebook my vacation package. Why did it cost so much more to rebook it?"
    If you book a vacation package. you can save because everything is lumped together. The downside is, if you have to change any segment of the trip (let's say you need to change the travel dates), you will essentially be rebooking the package. In other words, cancel the first booking and book it again. When you rebook, you will have to pay the current rate. Since you probably booked early the first time to take advantage of the savings, and since the second booking is closer to the travel date, the latter will probably cost more. To avoid this, be sure before you book, and include insurance.
  • When I ask for a price, you have to call me back. Why can't you quote me immediately?"
    Travel prices are very fluid. Flights are one price today, and a different price tomorrow. Resorts offer discounts one day, and cancel them the next. We want to make sure we give you an accurate, up to date quote. Take a few minutes and let us give you the best value we can.
  • I've heard stories about people losing their money because a travel agency went out of business? How do I know that won't happen?
    We can facilitate payment for you, but your payment is to the vendor directly. You do not pay us. Your credit or debit card receipts will be from the venues (e.g., hotel, airline, cruiseline, resort, travel group like Funjet, etc.).
  • Can I get married in a foriegn counry and have it recognized in the US?
    Yes, but there are hoops to jump through so plan well in advance. Often couples will have a "legal" marriage in the US and have a ceremonial wedding in another country. For example, get married here, then go to a foriegn country to have a wedding ceremony on the beach.
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