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More Travel Hacks from H&K Travel

Water Bottle - Water bottles are everywhere. You probably have several in your cabinet. If you don't want to buy one, we may have one you can have. But here is a great one for travel. There are certain features to look for if you are going to take one on a trip. Make the investment. A bottle of water at the airport is typically marked up 600% or more. Most airports have "hydration stations" now, where you can fill up your own water bottle with filtered water. Do it! Look at this one, but there are hundreds you can choose from. Some features to look for are: something to hang it on the outside of your carryon with, one-handed operation, spill-proof, sweat-proof. This one even has a fruit strainer if you want to add a little flavor (probably not going to do that at the airport though).

Packing Cubes - Here' something that will save you time and money. This is a set of 6 that fits easily in your carryon luggage. Carry one separately as a personal item. Compresses clothes to allow more efficient packing. Can also be used as a laundry bag to put your dirty clothes in on the way back. Comes in a ton of colors and designs too. If you have multiple destinations, you can separate your stuff and only unpack what you need. Anther travel hack, roll up your cloths instead of folding them to help reduce wrinkles. That's free. You're welcome.

LifeStraw - Here is something for all you hikers and campers. LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system. It filters up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; does not require batteries and has no moving parts. Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns, which surpasses EPA filter standards. Drink water right out of the creek without worrying about getting sick. Save weight in your backpack on long hikes by not having to pack tons of water.

Travel Dispenser - This 4-in-One dispenser is a must for carry on. It is TSA approved, so let's start there. It will hold your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or whatever. Just turn the top to dispense the product you need. Comes in a 2-pack so one for you and one for him. It's leakproof and refillable, so it will last you a long time. Saves space; this takes the place of 8 bottles in your luggage.

Toiletry Bag - Easiest way to organize your toiletries. This one is waterproof, so no mess in your luggage in the event of an accident. When you get to where you are going, unzip it, roll it out, and hang it anywhere in the bathroom for easy access to your stuff. There are tons of designs out there. Click on this link. If you don't like this one, pick a different one. Just get one before your next hotel stay.

Bag Bungee - What's a bag bungee? It's exactly what it sounds like...A bungee for your bag. That wheeled luggage is cool, but sometimes you have more to carry and not enough hands. Maybe a jacket or a duffle bag. This item slips over the handle on your luggage and secures your extra stuff to the top. Pretty cool idea huh?

Smartphone Tripod - This little gadget can sit on anything or attach anywhere with it's octopus legs. Comes with a remote, so you just get your phone on it, attach it to something or set it on a table, and hit the remote to take selfies or really stable videos. So small that it travels well too.

Solar Phone Charger - Pretty nifty idea for campers, hikers, or those traveling in places where there is limited or no electricity. Now these are typically slower than a battery powered charger, but very handy in some circumstances. It can recharge by solar or by electric. It also has a compass and a LED light.

Travel Power Strip - There are never enough outlets on the nightstand at the hotel! Well here ya go. This is great for a nightstand, desk, on a cruise, you name it. Has 3 outlets and 3 USB. Small enough to pack in your suitcase and fits in the palm of your hand.

Dog Car Seat Cover - Pet lovers, take Fido on that road trip with you. Protect your seats and door panels from hair and scratches and provide your furry loved one a secure place to travel. Material is non-slip and waterproof. It has a mesh window so the pet can see what's going on. Pockets for storing stuff. Secures to the car well so it won't slide around.

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