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Someone Flying Business Class

We simplify business travel, leaving you more time to do what you do best. Maybe you need a hotel, air travel, car rental, plan a conference, or perhaps you want someone to manage and book your ongoing itinerary like a personal assistant. We can take the worry out of business travel. 

Do you coordinate conferences, events, or training?

If you plan events and book travel for attendees, let us take that off your plate. We can book travel and hotel for you and all of your attendees. We will get you the same or better group rate and do all of the legwork for you. Best of all, this comes at no cost to you. The last two events we priced, we were able to get a better deal than the group rate promised by the hotel. Take the worry out of event planning.  


Ready to go?

There's more than one way to get there.


Click below and let us do all the research and planning for you. There is no cost for this personalized service.

NOTE: We have so many resources that are exclusive to travel agents. There is NO COST to you for using a travel agent. Let us get the best bang for your buck. Let the professionals take the stress out of travel. 



Click below and you can search the powerful Inteletravel search engine. 

The Inteletravel search engine is an easy, convenient way to research travel. Use it just like any other travel search engine. The prices are very competitive, but if you've found cheaper prices, please let us know. We have hundreds of resources available to us and can find the best value for your money.


You will be asked to register. You will NOT get spam or emails from Inteletravel.  We can send you personalized specials, but you can opt out of that too if you want. 

Are you one of those travelers who just has to do everything for himself/herself?  Or need to use your credit card points? Check out our Affiliate page. We've weeded out some of the best programs that you can use to book your own travel.

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