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This page is dedicated to helping you find those really cool travel accessories we talk about. Most have been featured in one of our travel blogs. Just click on the photo and find out more or make your purchase. 

FTC Legal Disclaimer: H&K Travel is an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on any of the links provided and buy something, we will get paid a few pennies. Don't worry, it doesn't change your Amazon price. Oh and by the way, if you click on the link, and don't like our suggestion and decide to buy something else, well that's okay too. Whatever floats your boat. Speaking of boat, time to check on that next vacation. How's that for legal-ese? I shoulda been a lawyer.


Foot Hammock

Ease fatigue by taking the pressure off of the back of your legs in those tight airplane seats.



Shade on the go. Attaches to your chair or any square or round tube. 


Chair Pockets

Add storage to your beach chair.


Luggage Locks

Keep your personal property safe with these TSA approved luggage locks. 


Phone Holder

Hang your phone from the back of the airline seat in front of you. 


Luggage Scale

Save time and money. Weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. 



This bags holds more than you think and fits under the airplane seat so it qualifies as a personal item.

water bottle.jpg

Water Bottle

Check this one out. There are 100s to choose from, but this has some really cool features. 

bag bungee.jpg

Bag Bungee

Strap your briefcase, duffle bag, coat, or whatever else to your rolling suitcase.

power strip.jpg

Travel Power Strip

Power up with this power strip. Small and easy to pack in your luggage. 


Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker with a great sound. 



Listen to your favorite music without disturbing the person in the seat next to you. 


Yeti Backpack

This yeti backpack is waterproof and lightweight. Keep your drinks cool at the beach.


Device Charger

Keep all of your devices charged on the go. 



Bluetooth noise cancelling headset.  Relax in peace and quiet.


Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

Sleep on the plane in comfort. 

packing cube.jpg

Packing Cubes

Get more stuff in less luggage with this travel hack. 


Travel Dispenser

TSA approved. Put all your toiletries in one handy container. 


Smartphone Tripod

Set your phone up anywhere, or attach it to about anything, to take professional photos. 

pet carrier.jpg

Dog Car Seat Cover

Protect your car from scratches and dog hair, while keeping Fido safe.


Beach Wagon

This wagon has wheels large enough to roll on the sand,  and wide enough to remain stable. 

phone holder.jpg

Waterproof Phone Holder

Keep your phone dry and take pictures at the beach, even underwater. 


Beach Chair

Backpack beach chair. Easy to carry, comfortable to use. 

travel cups.jpg

Travel Cups

Collapsible, reusable cups that are easy to pack and travel with. 

Sony headset.png


Upgrade to this Sony headset for better sound. 

Express vpn.png


Connect to the internet and your favorite streaming sites from anywhere in the world. 


Water Purifier

This portable water purifier filters water from a stream or pond into drinking water. 

cosmetic bag.jpg

Toiletry Bag

Keep all your toiletries organized and handy. 

solar phone charger.jpg

Solar Phone Charger

Charge all of your devices whether you have power or not.  

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